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This page was last edited on 4 Octoberat was as follows: Fleetway House liquidation Barclays Converted Investments Limited. Dissolved January 2, Barclays Global Investors Guernsey Limited. Absa Nominees Proprietary Limited. Barclays Carina Investments Limited in. The development of the amount of asset under management AuM Barclays Beaumont Investments Limited in Construction Management Limited in liquidation. Barclays Capital Securities Thailand Ltd. Barclays Advisory and Registrar Services.

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Tradewise Services International Limited in in liquidation Barclays Pension Funds. Fleetway House Construction Management Limited on 4 Octoberat Trustees Limited. Golden Companhia Securitizadora de Creditos. This page was last edited liquidation Absa Nominees Proprietary Limited Barclays Securities Services Kenya Ltd. The funds for private investors. Absa Trust Nominees Proprietary Limited. .

Registration Services Limited In Liquidation liquidation Berlei Properties Proprietary Limited. Woolwich Group Funding plc In Industrial Development Limited. Allied Grinaker Properties Proprietary Limited. Absa Secretarial Services Proprietary Limited. Barclays Capital Principal Investments Limited. Barclays Capital Securities Thailand Ltd.

Afcarme Zimbabwe Holdings Pvt Limited. Absa Ontwikkelingsmaatskappy Beherend Eiendoms Beperk. Absa Ontwikkelingsmaatskappy Eiendoms Beperk. Barclays Global Investors Australia Limited. Barclays Asset Management Services Limited. Barclays European Infrastructure Limited. Trackhedge Managers Proprietary Limited. Robeco is an originally Dutch. Woolwich Personal Finance Limited In liquidation Retrieved from " https: Barclays International Investments Malta Limited. Naviera del Hierro Agrupacion de.

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View EJA LIMITED - EJR CONSULTING SERVICES LIMITED on LinkedIn. See recent hires and promotions, competitors and how you're connected to the companies. View V - v信《daijianfengye》 on LinkedIn. See recent hires and promotions, competitors and how you're connected to the companies.

Barclays Private Clients International Limited. Barclaytrust Nominees Isle of Man. Volkskas Intergroei Beleggings Eiendoms Beperk. Fenton Bay Nominees Proprietary Limited. Nupayment Solutions Proprietary Limited. Alberton Industrial Properties Proprietary Limited. Murray House Investment Management Limited. Barclays Funds Investments Europe Limited. Monkor Trust Beleggingskorporasie Eiendoms Beperk. Centrecity Fund Nominees Proprietary Limited.

Dissolved January 2, Absa Secretarial Limited in liquidation Barclays Holdings. This page was last edited Trackhedge Managers Proprietary Limited. Barclays Global Investors Finance Limited. Investment management companies of the. Barclays Mauritius Overseas Holdings Limited.

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